Karen Bullock is an emerging photographer whose work combines documentary photography and fine art.  Her photographs have been featured in various publications and exhibited in solo and group shows. Karen’s portfolio, “See Me”, was included in the 2018 Rfotofolio Selections. In 2017 she was awarded a grant for her work in portraiture by the Mobile, Arts Council in Alabama.

Karen is currently curating photographs for an exhibition in Mobile during March of 2019. The theme relates to visual storytelling and includes selected works generously loaned by The Do Good Fund, Inc. The exhibition will be held at Central ArtSanctuary which is under the same roof as the Central Arts Collective, a group of 17 artists-in-residence, where Karen is also working to establish a community darkroom.

Previously, She was the curator for art at The Lost Garden. The Lost Garden is a community garden and outdoor art gallery in the center of downtown Mobile, AL.  It was for this project that she was an "Arty Award Finalist" for ‘artistic innovation’ for her collaboration with local artists in 2016.


The poem, “What if We Were Alone” by William Stafford is often in my thoughts: “In the river all night a voice floats from rock to sandbar, to log.  What kind of listening can follow quietly enough? We bow, and the voice through the rapids calls all the rocks by their secret name.

I daydream about what that voice might be saying to us if only we could understand. My photographs express my own voice and also question: What is the earth saying, the rain, the swaying live oaks, the places which contain stories within their walls?

I am awed by the fact that trees and plants communicate with each other.  Animals also have their own language.  What if we could understand these conversations?

When I walk into an old church, or a place where people have gathered through the years, and it is quiet--I wonder about the stories shared, about the people who came to sit a while and what they might have said.

With my camera, I create space for the imagination to ponder what those voices might be saying to us through expressions, sense of place, or a particular moment in time.


Group Exhibitions:

2019 Mobile Museum of Art, Pop-Up Exhibition, Mobile, AL (Opens 01/31/2019)

2018 Root Studio, Feature Shoot/The Print Swap, New York, NY,

2018 MAC Members, Mobile Arts Council, Mobile, AL

2018 Shades of BW, S. E. Center for Photography, Greenville, SC; Juror Susan Burnstine

2017 MAC Members, Mobile Arts Council, Mobile, AL

2017 Mobile Art Association, Winter Open, Mobile, AL

2017 Art of the Bay, Mobile Arts Council, Mobile, AL

2016 Colors of the Coast, Cathedral Square Gallery, Mobile, AL

2014 Colors of the Coast, Cathedral Square Gallery, Mobile, AL

2010 The Green Room, Mobile Arts Council, Mobile, AL

2008 Singing River Art Association, Pascagoula, MS

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 Voices of Strong Women, University of South Alabama (Opens 09/2019)

2018 Voices of Strong Women, Mobile Arts Council, Mobile, AL

2015 Point of View, Mobile Arts Council, Mobile, AL

Awards & Publications:

Rfotofolio, 2018 Portfolio Selections; Jurors: Fran Forman, Aline Smithson, & Collier Brown

Alabama Magazine, March/April 2018

Lenscratch: Favorite Photograph of 2017. Jan 1, 2018

F-Stop Magazine, #86 Street Edition, Dec. 2017

Lenscratch: The Snow Exhibition III. Dec. 25, 2017

Mobile Art Association, Awarded Honorable Mention. 2017

Mobile Arts Council. Awarded Arts Grant for Portraiture, 2017

The Guardian, UK Print Edition, Journal Section. Jan. 27, 2017

Mobile Arts Council, Arty Award Finalist for Artistic Innovation. 2016

National Geographic YourShot, Lines/Patterns/Textures Oct. 27, 2017; Lowlight Story Dec. 2, 2015; Daily Dozen Nov. 21, 2011; Daily Dozen Dec. 3, 2009; Daily Dozen Oct 19, 2009.

Colors of the Coast, Merit Award. 2014


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National Geographic YourShot, Editors' Favorites:

Karen's photos have been selected as Editor Favorites 30 times since 2015.  List of Editors includes: David Y Lee, Christina Shorter, Matt Adams, Matthieu Paley, Jim Richardson, Amy Toensing, and several others.