I Feel Small,  Louisiana, 2019
  Valley of the Shadow,  Alabama, 2018
  The Sound of Sheer Silence,  Alabama, 2019
  Prayer for Illumination,  Alabama, 2018
  Been on My Knees So Long,   Alabama, 2018
  A Great Storm Arose. He was Asleep,   Alabama, 2018
  Shadow of the Cross , Alabama, 2018
  Broken,   Alabama, 2018
  Crown of Thorns (Domestic Violence Sunday),  Alabama, 2018
  It is Finished,  Alabama, 2018
  Forsaken,  Alabama, 2019
  They have Taken Him Away (Rev. Dr. MLK Jr’s Church),  Alabama, 2019
  A Prayer for the Vanishing,  Alabama, 2019
  Knock,  Alabama, 2018
  Palm Crosses & Christmas Lights , Alabama, 2018
  Can a Mother Forget,  2019
  Were You There,  Mississippi, 2018
  Where Two or Three are Gathered,  Alabama, 2018
  Waiting for Sunday,  Alabama, 2018
  Golgotha,  Alabama, 2018
  All Through the Night,  Alabama, 2019
  She Thought He was the Gardener,   Alabama, 2019
  The Curtain was Torn from Top to Bottom , Mississippi, 2009
  Taste and See,   Alabama, 2018
  Your Light Will Come,  Alabama, 2018
  My Soul will Magnify the Lord ,  Alabama, 2019
  Open Wide Your Mouth and I Will Fill It (Church Food Pantry),  Alabama, 2018
  Paradise (Church accommodations originally for Katrina Relief Volunteers),  Mississippi 2018
  The Wise Men (Ready for Storage) , 2019
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